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We paved the way for affordable lamp recycling in Ontario

Here's Our Story

At Waste Diversion, we take pride in being the first broker and large volume handler of waste lamps in Ontario. By introducing broader international competition into the Ontario market we established the affordability conditions required for the mass acceptance of lamp recycling by commercial and industrial property managers. We laid the groundwork for affordable lamp recycling in Ontario.

Our History

Waste Diversion is the fruition of many years of experience in the lighting industry. Our parent company started in 1977 selling replacement light bulbs and tubes. As the energy efficiency industry began to gain traction, we noticed that customers had trouble correctly disposing of mercury containing lamps. This put our customers in an awkward dilemma. First, they were in a position of regulatory non-compliance. Second, increasing individual awareness of the dangers of mercury and other heavy metals made employees and managers question legacy waste management practices. Finally, waste haulers began to refuse mercury containing lamps in their general waste streams. Lamp recycling, as a standard protocol for commercial building management was an idea whose time had come. The only barrier to wide scale adoption was Ontario’s stagnant industrial capacity to recycle lamps. Supply could not meet demand.

Recycling More Than Ever

It was at this juncture that Waste Diversion was formed. It took passion, creativity and determination to overcome all the hurdles that came with doing something no one else had ever done. This vision of bringing better lamp recycling to Ontarians wasn’t easy, but that hard work was well worth it. As the pioneer in affordable lamp recycling, we brought awareness and laid the foundation for other parties (including competitors), who in turn created some of the well-known lamp recycling programs endorsed by the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Patented SAFE Storage Solutions

The next problem we noticed was that our clients had problems storing the lamps safely. Due to the fact that lamps and tubes containing mercury are made of glass, they can easily break thereby releasing industrially altered methyl mercury into the environment in a manner where it could never be recovered. We invented safe storage containers for tubes and lamps (one of which is patented, the other patent pending) to help protect the lamps from breaking during storage and shipping. These boxes offer convenience, safe storage, and greater visibility which in turn results in greater participation. Waste Diversion made it easy and safe for everyone to recycle lamps.

More Than Just Lamps

We take great pride in seeing the amount of lamps being recycled in Ontario skyrocket since our inception whether they were recycled through us or not. We are now paving the way for other universal, hazardous and hard to recycle waste. Besides old/new lamps, LEDs and more, We now have expanded our business to the recycling of leftover paints, old batteries, toilets, and the diversion of used oil, and PCBs and many others. Again, Waste Diversion is at the forefront in these areas and will continue to bring cost effective solutions for more harmful waste to be diverted from landfills.

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Our Recycling Totals for 2024

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We're Making It Easy

We offer fast, effective service. Not just did we pave the way for affordable lamp recycling in Ontario, we're also making it safer and faster. As mentioned, our patented SAFE Storage Solutions allow for safe transport of glass lamps, and they also induce participation from tenants. We can offer same day/next day service for our customers, provide detailed reporting on their recycling, and save them time from counting waste items. How we see it, the easier it is to recycle, the more recycling we can expect to see. Together, Ontario can continue to see hard to recycle waste and hazardous waste be diverted from landfills at higher and higher levels.

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