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Battery Recycling Toronto

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Rechargeable and single-use batteries can contain harmful chemicals like mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead-acid etc. That’s why we need to dispose of batteries in the right way to avoid contaminating the environment, soil and waters. Most of the world’s batteries will end up in our oceans or landfills and will leach chemicals into the soil and water over time contaminating the environment. This is not necessary and we have to do something about this.

Recycling process example:

Batteries containing mercury can be recycled in an approved and certified factory. The mercury will be distilled from the battery during the recycling process. The liquid mercury and scrap metal from the battery can be re-used for new products.

Battery facts:

  • The chemicals in batteries degrade over time and won’t last forever because of battery life duration and usage;
  • Normal consumer batteries will last roughly 2 to 4 years. This comes down to approximately 500 to 800 recharging cycles;
  • There are many different types of batteries containing different chemicals. Some of these chemicals are: zinc (AA, AAA, C, D), carbon, lithium, lead acid etc.

Do you want to recycle your batteries? Small quantities can be dropped off for free at our warehouse. Larger quantities can also be dropped off or we can pick them up in Toronto, Ontario.
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