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Got Old Lamps?

Affordable lamp recycling in less than 24 hours. Our same day, next day service is second to none. We will get your old lamps processed so that the mercury is contained and the remaining parts of the lamps are recycled and/or beneficially reused. Waste Diversion is a leading provider of efficient, cost effective and turn-key solutions that helps its clients divert universal hazardous waste and hard to recycle waste from landfills.

Your Lamp Recycling Solution

We believe in offering flexibility to our customers. You choose how you protect the lamps during transport and how the lamps are shipped to us. You have the choice of full service to just dropping off the lamps at our warehouse.

Step 1
Protect The Lamps From Breakage

Option 1. We Send You Our SAFE Shipping Bins
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Option 2. Package Them Yourself Safely
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Step 2
Get The Lamps To Us

Option 1. Call Us For Pick Up
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Option 2. Ship Them To Us
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Option 3. Drop Them Off At Our Warehouse
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Step 3
We'll Handle The Rest

Your lamps will get weighed, priced and recycled.

Call the experts at (416) 495-9914 to start recycling your lamps today.

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Items Accepted

We recycle a variety of lamps, ballasts and lighting components including:

We are proud members of the following:

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Lamp Recycling Matters

Improperly disposed of mercury-containing lamps pose a significant risk to the environment. We divert leftover lamps from businesses and consumers and help to recycle them into new reusable products. In all, your leftover lamps are recycled into environmentally responsible products such as metal, glass, and mercury, ensuring they don't end up in landfills.

We are also a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) and can issue certificates of recycling. If you are a building manager these certificates of recycling can help your building get recognized or continue to maintain your ranking with associations like LEED and BOMA BEST.

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Convenient One-Stop Recycling

We can handle all your hard to recycle waste. We provide safe, convenient and fast solutions to divert waste that requires special handling. This includes both Hazardous Waste and Household Hazardous Waste items. Unlike most lamp recyclers who accept only lamps, we can pick up all your hazardous and hard to recycle waste. Our services are environmentally sensitive, streamlined, and cost-effective.

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Same Day Service

We're waiting for your call. Through our partners, we can provide the transportation versatility to match any loading area and we can be there within 24 hours from receiving your call.

Whether you have a loading dock, a forklift or require inside pickup service, we are equipped to handle the task. We are equipped to meet a wide range of waste management and recycling challenges across North America. Your lamp waste is just a phone call away from being out of your way.

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No Counting Required

Waste Diversion prices by weight. The benefits of price by the pound to your company are as follows:

Reach us for your free estimate: (416) 495-9914.

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Know How Much You Recycled

Multi-platform, real-time dashboard. Want to see how much you've recycled since this time last year? Waste Diversion can provide our commercial customers with a comprehensive tracking system to go along with waste management solutions. Our custom system is second to none and was developed solely for the purpose of servicing the waste diversion industry. We can provide certificates of recycling and create reports on your recycling for any period. Let your board know how well they've been doing in diverting waste from landfills.

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