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Got Used Oil?

Used oil of any kind needs to be recovered and prevented from entering the environment. Oil that is openly burned, poured down a drain, or improperly disposed of can create air pollution and contaminate land and water. Oil recycling helps to divert the toxic chemicals in oil from landfills. Used oil can be recycled as an oil base stock, reprocessed into other lubricating products, or used as fuel in large industrial burners and asphalt plants. The plastic containers can be cleaned and melted down into plastic pellets to be formed into new products. Waste Diversion is a leading provider of efficient, cost effective and turn-key solutions that helps its clients divert hazardous waste and hard to recycle waste from landfills.

Oil Recycling Made Easy

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Once ready, a hazardous waste hauler will pick up your used oil and dispatch them to the location where they are cleaned of contaminants and recycled.

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Oil Recycling Matters

Used oil contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals and there is oil in almost every machine we use. If not properly managed, used oil will be Canada’s largest source of hazardous material. However, if oil is recycled, it not only stays out of water, but saves energy and allows it to become a valuable resource. It is therefore important to properly manage used oil in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

We are also a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) and can issue certificates of recycling. If you are a building manager these certificates of recycling can help your building get recognized or continue to maintain your ranking with associations like LEED and BOMA BEST.

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Items Accepted

Waste Diversion has helped many of their clients recycle oil. We can accept almost all kinds of oil, including:

  • Motor oil
  • Crankcase oil
  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Gear oil
  • Heat transfer fluid
  • Any oil filter used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine except gasoline fuel filters
  • Diesel fuel filters

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Oil Recycling Facts

  • One litre of used oil can contaminate 1 million litres of water
  • An estimated 380 million gallons of used oil are recycled each year
  • Recycling used oil takes only about one-third the energy of refining crude oil to lubricant quality
  • It takes 42 gallons of crude oil, but only one gallon of used oil, to produce 2.5 quarts of new, high-quality lubricating oil
  • Generators are the largest segment of the used oil industry
  • A standard used oil filter can contain up to 250 mL of used oil

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Preparations For Oil Recycling

  • Keep containers and tanks in good condition (away from rusting or leaking)
  • Never store used oil in anything other than tanks and storage containers made for storing the used oil
  • You may be required to register for an HWIN number (which we can assist you with this)
  • Do not mix used oil with any hazardous substance
  • Keep used oil out of reach of children

We are proud members of the following:

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