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Recycling Tips

Waste Diversion is dedicated to improving recycling standards. Here are some tips to help you help us recycle better.

Lamp Recycling Tips

Protect Lamps From Breakage

Mercury-containing light bulbs are easily broken because they are cased in glass. If a CFL, fluorescent tube or HID bulbs breaks, the mercury is released and can never be recovered or abated.

Waste Diversion has invented boxes that reduce breakage of fluorescent tubes and CFLs, allow for quick transport through their "dolly-friendly" design and induce participation from those that have access to them.

How To Handle A Broken Fluorescent Lamp

Prior to cleaning up:
Open up a window and try to ventilate the room as much as possible and leave the room for about 5 to 10 minutes. (Watch out for the broken pieces and try to avoid walking through the broken glass);
If you have a central heating or air conditioning system, please turn it off.
Before you go back in the room and start cleaning:
Collect the right materials; tape, cardboard or stiff paper and wet wipes or a paper towel. A plastic bag or a glass jar with a metal lid (preferred method) can be used to store the broken lamp in.
When cleaning up:
Start by collecting all the glass and visible powder with the stiff paper or cardboard and dispose of it in the metal jar or plastic bag. We don’t recommend using a vacuum cleaner, because it will spread mercury powder into your house;
You can use the tape, wet wipes or paper towel to clean up the remaining small glass fragments and powder.
After the cleanup:
Store all the cleaned-up fragments of glass and powder in the jar or plastic bag and place it somewhere safe (preferably in a protected area until you can dispose of the materials)

Paint Recycling Tips

How to Prepare Paint For Proper Recycling


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