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We'll get your scrap metal recycled into reusable products. Waste Diversion is a leading provider of efficient, cost effective and turn-key solutions that helps its clients divert universal hazardous waste and hard to recycle waste from landfills.

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Your scrap metal needs to be packaged for safe transport. We can provide specialized containers or you can use your own packaging. Upon your notification, a professional driver will come to pick up your scrap metal and bring them to our consolidation point where they are weighed and processed. We then dispatch them to the location where they recycled.

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Scrap Metal Recycling

Steel is known to be one of the most common materials to be recycled in the world. Approximately 88% of scrap steel in North America gets recycled, according to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI). Scrap metals are usually collected from old cars, ships, steel structures, factories, railroads, waste electronics and other items containing metals, which can be recycled and re-used. Factories known as “smelters” process the steel and melt the steel down to commodity grade steel, which can be used to produce new products.

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Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

  • Types of metals can be determined by using a simple magnet. The magnet sticks? Then it’s most likely iron or steel. The magnet doesn’t stick? Then it’s most likely a non-ferrous metal like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass or bronze
  • The price of scrap metal fluctuates every day, because of supply & demand and market conditions
  • Approximately 60% of energy usage is reduced if steel manufacturers use recycled steel to produce new steel in comparison to using no recycled steel at all
  • Approximately 88% of scrap steel in North America gets recycled
  • Steel is one of the most common recycled materials in the world


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