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Why Waste Diversion?

At Waste Diversion, we take pride in being the first lamp recycling broker and large volume handler of lamps in Ontario. We laid the groundwork for affordable lamp recycling in Ontario by introducing other lamp recycling providers (competition) to the market. As a result of increased competition, we established higher standards, lowered prices and induced more lamp recycling activity. We take great pride in seeing the amount of lamps being recycled in Ontario skyrocket since our inception. We are now paving the way for increased awareness and activity for all universal, hazardous and hard to recycle waste. We are also the first affordable paint recycling broker. We also help our clients divert old batteries, used oil, PCB ballasts and many others from landfill. Again, Waste Diversion is at the forefront in waste diversion and will continue to bring cost effective solutions for more harmful waste to be diverted from landfills.

In working with Waste Diversion, our customers get the following benefits.

Convenient One-Stop Recycling

We can handle all your hard to recycle waste. We provide safe, convenient and fast solutions to divert waste items that require special handling. This includes both Hazardous Waste and Household Hazardous Waste items. We can pick more than just ballasts. We can pick up all your hazardous and hard to recycle waste, such as lamps, paint, batteries, oil. Our services are environmentally sensitive, streamlined, and cost-effective.

Call us at (416) 495-9914 for more information on how we can help with all your hard to recycle waste.

Same Day Service

We're waiting for your call. Through our partners, we can provide the transportation versatility to match any loading area and we can be there within 24 hours from receiving your call.

Whether you have a loading dock, a forklift or require inside pickup service, we are equipped to handle the task. We are equipped to meet a wide range of waste management and recycling challenges across North America. Your waste is just a phone call away from being out of your way.

No Counting Required

Waste Diversion prices by weight. The benefits of price by the pound to your company are as follows:

Reach us for your free estimate: (416) 495-9914.

No Contracts

Waste Diversion is not contract based. We believe our repeat business is an ideal gauge in the service we provide. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel at any time. We strive to provide our clients the fastest, most diverse, and most affordable service. We believe that is why our clients stay with us and we're very happy at how we continue to grow without contracts. We also offer bundled savings for those who would like to take advantage of our Recycling Systems.

Speak to a sales representative for more details.

Know How Much You Recycled

Multi-platform, real-time dashboard. Want to see how much you've recycled since this time last year? Waste Diversion can provide our commercial customers with a comprehensive tracking system to go along with waste management solutions. Our custom system is second to none and was developed solely for the purpose of servicing the waste diversion industry. We can provide certificates of recycling and create reports on your recycling for any period. Let your board know how well they've been doing in diverting waste from landfills.

Certificate of Recycling

Waste Diversion certifies that the hazardous waste we collect is recycled in an environmentally responsible and safe way, complying with all the applicable federal and provincial standards and regulations. We are a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) and can issue certificates of recycling upon completion. If you are a building manager these certificates of recycling can help in any environmental audits and maintaining or improving LEED and BOMA BEST. You'll receive recycling certificates with verified recycled quantities and accomplish your goals with the Canadian Green Building Council, LEED and ISO 14001.

Our Recycling Totals for 2024

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